UNICEF Donations so far

This is the amount collected so far from the sales of my beaded jewelry:

How this works:
For every purchase you made, 5% of the sales will go to UNICEF. For example, if you bought 2 pairs of earrings at USD$8 each, the total will be USD$16. Of this USD$16, I will give USD$0.80 to UNICEF.

If you bought the earrings from me directly where there is no shipping involved, I will donate 10% of the sales instead. Using the same example above, that means USD$1.60 will go to UNICEF instead of USD$0.80.

Why do I chose UNICEF?
I am currently donating to Doctors Without Border on a monthly basis so I chose UNICEF for my beaded jewelry shop. I prefer to donate to an international charitable organisation so that the money can reach more people.

How often do I donate?
I try to donate monthly if the figure for that month reaches $20 and above. If not, I will wait and combine it with the sales figure for the following month. If it's already the end of December and the figure did not reach USD$20, I will make up the difference and make the donation anyway.

Donation figures in details so far:
Apr 2006 - USD$1.20
Mar 2006 - USD$1.20
Feb 2006 - USD$12.80
Jan 2006 - USD$0