I had been beading for a year now. Under the constant urgings and encouragement of my FSILs, FMIL and my colleagues, I decided to try and sell my creations online. Ebay would probably be a better choice, but given the stiff competition and also the surcharge for each Ebay posting, I do not think it would be a feasible idea; for now, anyway.

This is a temporary solution that I set up to see how the responses are for my beaded creations as well as to the price range. If you are concerned about my integrity as a seller, please check my ebay ID(bee17779) and I hope you will be reassured by my 100% positive feedbacks from both sellers and buyers.

In addition, 5~10% of the sales of my beaded jewelry will go to UNICEF. I do not earn a lot of money but at least I do not have to worry constantly about my next meal or survival. I am just doing my small bit here to help in whatever way I can. I am already currently donating to Doctors Without Borders on a monthly basis which is why I chose UNICEF as the charitable organisation to donate to for my beaded jewelry shop. Click here to learn more.

I look forward to receiving your feedbacks! Thank you for visiting my website. If you had purchased anything here, I hope you enjoy and love it!

Best Regards,